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Cortex joins forces with nventive

Mobile experiences should empower employees and engage customers while inspiring business growth.

For over 11 years we’ve been doing just that: creating mobile and web experiences that matter with a team of close to 200 talented, dedicated employees using a proven methodology that focuses on working closely with our clients.

We strive to bring each unique vision to life while creating compelling value, offering predictable results, and producing actionable deliverables. This is inherent in our culture and evident in our work. Welcome to nventive.

to Create

Creating the future of mobile for over 11 years has taught us one important thing: true collaboration will determine success. Respecting our client’s vision is paramount, so our job is to work closely with them to transform their insights and expertise into engaging mobile solutions.

Our Approach
to User-Centric

Working with nventive is a collaborative, interactive, and extensive journey aimed at exceeding your expectations. You’ll rapidly see prototypes that bring your ideas to life, along with full explanations of the choices we’re making.

The approach

Our agile approach to defining and creating smarter mobile experiences includes four key phases: Discover, Design, Develop, Deploy. The front-end work is laser-focused on understanding business objectives, constraints, and target audiences, while the goal is to create value by getting something in the user’s hands as quickly as possible in order to test.

The process

During our sprints, our team will complete and demonstrate valuable features while keeping all stakeholders engaged in the process. We often suggest using a staggered launch strategy to Alpha and Beta test before the full public release. During each phase, we capture valuable data and insights to feed the next iterations.

A Truly

Discovery & Strategy

Using the Experience Design process, we work in collaboration with your team to define what your product should do, for whom, and why. We then produce actionable insights as well as a clear scope and roadmap aligned with your business objectives. Additional services may include: competitive landscape analysis, elaboration of personas, customer journey mapping, and user-testing.

Multiplatform Development

The development phase builds the digital infrastructure that supports the vision, while ensuring scalability. Builds and release notes are delivered in order to maintain momentum and allow for quick feedback. Clients are given full access to our environments to ensure total transparency.


The deployment phase ensures a smooth product launch on the market. Staggered launches are often the best strategy, using waves of Alpha and Beta testers. Leveraging and addressing user reviews is key to a successful launch.

Monitoring & Optimization

After the app is launched, we closely monitor and analyze data and user feedback in order to recommend improvements to the user experience.

UX & UI Design

The UX design phase is aimed at producing an optimized structure and navigation schematic to bring the experience to life on a digital platform.

Our UI designers work to effectively create an emotional connection through compelling visual designs, colour atmosphere, typography, motion design, animations, and additional elements that enhance the experience.

Research and test learnings from the discovery phase are leveraged at each stage of the process to elevate the design, which is then validated via wireframes, prototypes, and storyboards.

Chatbots, A.I. and IoT

By leveraging new technologies, we develop and test POCs and new functionalities that contribute to improving the user experience.

Maintenance & Support

We value long-lasting relationships with our clients, so our dedicated Maintenance and Support team will happily guide you through enhancements of existing features, development of new features, and application monitoring. They also offer various levels of support including round-the-clock service.

Our Tech DNA

We only use the best tech in order to deliver mobile experiences at the highest standard in the industry. Our team excels in these technologies and they keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, every day.






We may be a tech company, but the heart and soul of our company is our people. We truly respect the skills and dedication of our team and it shows throughout each project and every interaction, as brilliant minds work together to create engaging user-centric mobile apps. Join us in building mobile experiences that matter!

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